NU Scholars Association Cirebon maligned for ellegedly supporting Shi'a ~ The  Cirebon's chapter of Nahdlatul Ulama Scholars Association (ISNU) was maligned for allegedly spreading the Shi'a teachings in Indonesia simply because it would be organizing a national seminar on "The Contribution of Shi'a to the Development of Islam Nusantara".

Of course this was denied by the Chairman of the ISNU Cirebon Abdul Muiz Syaerozie.

"But (the seminar, red) does not mean that it is a support, instaed of being said a declaration. This is slander. All this is not true," he told NU Online via telephone here on Tuesday (14/4/2015).

As known, because of the would-be held seminar, there have been irresponsible social media posts that cannot distinguish between "reviewing" and "supporting".

According to Muiz, the seminar is only as a means to discuss the developments of NU that in jurisprudence adopts the Ahlussunnah Waljamaah (Aswaja) teachings, but in terms of tradition there are some  that could be the result of the influence of Shiites.

"It is just as a forum of discussion, nothing more. We only expect the tradition of holding discussion among NU young friends does not stagnate. That's all," he said.

However, according to Muiz, the seminar has deliberately been used by other groups intending to divide the country's largest Muslim organization.

"What is clear is that, of course we assume that the Shi'a is another part, even this is a very provocative issue because we were accused of selling the name NU to Shiites, this is incredible slander," said Muiz.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of PCNU Cirebon, KH Ali Murtadlo said the outbreak of the issue should be a lesson for the NU circles themselves.
According to him, the communication between NU institutions and autonomous bodies has become something important and uncompromising, especially about ideas or events to be held.

"It's just a matter of communication. NU Cirebon is still the same as other NU regional boards, which firmly believe that the Shi'a is another ideology outside of NU. NU embracing the Aswaja teachings is very clear," he said.

This issue, Kang Ali added, was allegedly from a group of people making a declaration a few weeks ago, so that, the theme offered in the upcoming discussion is considered to be very sensitive.

"The protests done recently do not mean the Cirebon NU followers (Nahdliyin) reject anti-Shiite declaration, but because it is very unfortunate such activities profiteer the NU logo without the permission of local NU board," Kang Ali said.

Initially ISNU Cirebon will hold the seminar at the Cirebon Islamic Center, but due to a statement of objections from several parties, there is a official statement where the seminar will be held or canceled.

Editing by Sudarto Murtaufiq, via